VIDEO: Ann Coulter bombing at Rob Lowe’s Comedy Central Roast is painfully hard to watch

Ann Coulter had a rough time at Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe roast, which finally aired this past Labor Day.

She was so bad, that when it was her turn to the roasting, the seated roast guests used it as an opportunity to get in some extra shots at her. Coulter’s delivery was pretty spotty, and her jokes fell flat, aside from some muted courtesy laughter here and there.

SNL alumni David Spade introduced Ann with some harsh licks of his own. Just a sampling:

“And now a real treat for fans of hate watching… Ann hopes the Republicans can hold onto the House so she can continue to haunt it.”

“She seems stiff and conservative, but Ann gets wild in the sheets – just ask the Klan.”

“It looks like she’s having a good time, I haven’t seen you laugh this hard since Trayvon Martin got shot.”

As Ann walked to the stage, she made sure to give a plug to her latest book (before propping a copy of it up on the podium), In Trump We Trust, to which the audience erupted in a loud chorus of boos.

After the roast, Coulter told The Hollywood Reporter that she has “no idea” why she was invited, and claimed it just showed up randomly on her publicity schedule to promote her new book.

According to the Daily Beast, Comedy Central president Kent Alterman insisted that she was not “singled out” by the other roasters and should have known what she was getting herself into.

“We didn’t prevent her from watching any roasts,” Alterman noted.

Featured image via Comedy Central

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