VIDEO: Nick Gillespie slams Fox News pundits Kristol and Krauthammer: ‘no credibility on foreign policy’

Appearing on C-SPAN this Sunday morning, Reason editor Nick Gillespie slammed the foreign policy credentials of Weekly Standard columnist Bill Kristol, and Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, saying that their track record, namely the 2003 invasion of Iraq, diminishes their credibility to comment on current foreign policy matters.

“Let’s be blunt,” Gillespie started out. “[Kristol] has essentially zero wins in his column. When I think of the foreign policy mastery that comes out of the Weekly Standard, which was an instrumental mouthpiece for the Bush administration — and before that they were calling for intervention in the Balkans — in their short existence, they have never met a war they didn’t like.”

Gillespie went on to say that despite Kristol’s success as a pundit, he has virtually “no credibility on foreign policy.”

“Every decision he has pushed and urged on America, including before 911 — to start getting really antagonistic militarily with China — has been wrong,” he continued. “It’s about time we stop paying that much attention to a kind of perspective on military action that is coming out of the Weekly Standard.”

Turning to Krauthammer, Gillespie dismissed the criticism over President Obama’s alleged inaction in Syria.

“I’m not sure what Charles Krauthammer can point to and say, ‘Look, I said we should go into Iraq, and that’s a great thing, and we should go into Afghanistan, and that’s a great thing.’ People who are interested in going to war are always in favor of war, and then they always criticize when war doesn’t go well. Pundits, every once in a while, should be held accountable for their past recommendations, and these guys have a track record that is god-awful.”

Watch Nick Gillespie in C-SPAN in the video below.

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