‘Weird Al’ Yankovic shows up as Ted Nugent in new ‘Reno 911’ promo

“Weird Al” Yankovic is bringing his talent for parody to the show Reno 911, according to a promo for the show’s revival that dropped this Wednesday.

Yankovic isn’t the only cameo, as Consequence of Sound points out:

“There’s Patton Oswalt protesting SJWs, Michael Ian Black as a Jewish soldier, and Tim Allen as an army commander training Lt. Dangle. There’s also this one scene of a guy in an American flag cowboy hat and vest seemingly destroying a hotel kitchen service area, screaming, ‘What are you thinking?’ There’s no clear shot of the actor’s face, but that voice sure sounds familiar. Now ‘Weird Al’ has confirmed that it is indeed him causing the ruckus, and he’s portraying The Motor City Mad Man himself, Ted Nugent.”

Watch the promo below:

Sky Palma

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