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White nationalist Nick Fuentes: Trump ‘was so close to saying the N-word — that’s what Americans want’

During a recent interview, white nationalist and all-round troll Nick Fuentes gave his thoughts on that he thinks is Donald Trump’s appeal when it comes to American voters.

“They’re trying to cram this bulls*** down out throats, these people that are not like us,” Fuentes said. “You know, what Americans want, it’s pretty clear when they elected Trump. Trump got up there and he didn’t say, ‘Hi … workers of the world unite,’ you know — ‘Black, Hispanic, and White workers for populism, let’s unionize DoordDash’ — Trump went up there and said, ‘They’re bringing drugs, crime, they’re rapists,’ you know, he said, ‘I’m calling for a shutdown of Muslims coming into America,’ you know? ‘We’re gonna say Merry Christmas’ — he was like this close to saying the N-word. [Laughter] That’s what Americans want.”

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:

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