Woman interrupts Alex Jones’ tirade: ‘You actually have liquor on your breath’

As long as I’ve been watching Alex Jones‘ career, I’ve only seen him shaken once by an opponent who he couldn’t smother in circular quackspeak. Now I’ve seen it again, but this one is kind of sad.

Oliver Willis had the good will to upload a video where Jones conducts an interview with a protester in D.C. for Trump’s inauguration. As the two engage in what seems to be a heated debate, the woman interrupted and addressed Jones:

“You actually have liquor on your breath,” the woman said, as Jones’ eyes widened.

“He has liquor on his breath,” she repeated while turing to address the camera.

“Are you a Puritan?” Jones asked, smiling uncomfortably.

“No, I’m just amazed that you’re doing your job with liquor on your breath,” she shot back, suggesting that she needed alcohol to have the “guts” to do his job.

“I got too many guts, baby,” Jones countered with a dumb smile, which seem to hide an inner panic.

“You’re drunk — while you’re reporting…” the woman pressed.

Notable about the video is Jones’ failure to take the moment with any sort of grace, instead going into wounded animal attack mode.

Willis later posted a video where Jones “screams out live like a psycho on livestream” and “looks drunk.” After watching the video, it’s not hard to disagree.

It’s like Trump if he were from Texas and drank Jack Daniels.

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