Woman starts video recording as stranger stalks her on the street and follows her into restaurant

A woman began recording a stranger with her cellphone camera after she got the feeling she was being followed.

In her video posted to TikTok, Meg Ecliptic got conformation that the man was following her when she turned into a restaurant and he followed her in. Ecliptic first thought the man might be hungry, so she asked him if she could get him something to eat.

Ecliptic then informs a worker that the man followed her into the restaurant, who then informs a nearby security guard.

The woman then addresses the man and tells him if he keeps following her, she’ll have to call the police. The man denies following her. She then manages to convince the man, who appears mentally disturbed, to leave and go his separate way.

Watch the video below:


As a mix indigenous woman i don’t f*ck around to find out #scary #scarytiktoks #stalker #creepy #nativetiktok #native #mmiwawareness #mmiw #staysafe #safetytips (help someone in need. they follow people they know can help, but this isnt usually the case- make boundaries)

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