Laura Loomer threatens to take Marjorie Taylor Greene’s seat: ‘She took my job’

Far-right activist and diehard Trump supporter Laura Loomer is considering a run for Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s seat, a little over a month after the Georgia GOP Rep. warned Donald Trump against hiring Loomer to work for his campaign.

A report from The New York Times in April said that Trump had requested to have Loomer hired, but Greene publicly opposed the idea, calling Loomer “mentally unstable” and promising to “make sure [Trump] knows” to “never hire” her. The Times later reported that Trump changed his mind and decided not to hire Loomer.

On Wednesday, Loomer posted a Twitter poll asking her followers if she should “move one state over to Georgia and Primary professional conwoman [Greene] who exists for the sake of doing [House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s] bidding?”

“I mean I think it’s only fair,” Loomer wrote in a following tweet. “She took my job. So I should have a shot at taking her job too. Am I right? I think we need a real America First Rep in Congress. And she ain’t it.”

As of this writing, the poll stands at 75 percent for “HELL YEAH.”

Loomer, a former congressional candidate who rose to prominence in alt-right circles as a vocal anti-Muslim activist, is a prolific spreader of conspiracy theories, and once claimed that ISIS was behind the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Late last month, she suggested and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wife, Casey, was “exaggerating” her struggle with breast cancer.

Sky Palma

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