Woman tries to enter carwash without paying — spews angry homophobic rant at employee when caught

A video posted to Reddit shows a woman trying to enter into a carwash without paying. When she’s caught by an employee, she begins to verbally assault him with homophobic slurs.

The video starts out with the woman stepping out of her car at the entrance to the carwash. Speaking to the employee who’s recording her, she says, “You’re a f****ing narcissist, you work at a f***ing carwash.”

“You need to leave,” the employee tells her.

“I’m trying to f***ing leave you piece of sh**,” she replies. “There some excitement for your whole f***ing day you f***ing f*****.”

“Have a blessed day, ma’am,” the employee tells her sarcastically.

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As the woman backs out of the carwash’s driveway, the employee continues to record and she continues to hurl homophobic slurs at him.

When the employee tells someone that she was “trying to steal a wash,” the woman becomes enraged and steps out of her car again.

“Are you f***ing kidding me?” she says as she pulls out a can of pepper spray. “You want to sit here and talk shit? … Go ahead and call the cops you little f***ing f*****.”

At one point, the woman aims the pepper spray at the employee and sprays it towards him.

Watch the video below:

Karen gets caught trying to get a free car wash. Her small brain then implodes on the poor employee.
by u/IdkHowToDie in PublicFreakout

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