Woman who set gay pride flag on fire outside NY restaurant is arrested and charged with a hate crime

A woman who allegedly set a gay pride flag on fire outside a New York City restaurant has been arrested and charged with a hate crime, the New York Daily News reported.

Angelina Cando was caught on security video using a lighter to set the “Make America Gay Again” flag ablaze, which was flying in front of the Little Prince restaurant in SoHo. The incident took place early in the morning and filled the restaurant with smoke.

Cando’s arrest comes after a string of violent incidents.  On Jan. 30, she was arrested for allegedly attacking a 67-year-old relative where she threw a plate and glass at him as well as hitting him with a guitar. And Feb. 2, she allegedly threatened a man with a knife in a pizzeria. She was released without bail in both incidents.

According to a report from ABC7NY, she was also involved the vandalism of a police vehicle where she scrawled “Jesus is king” on a patrol car’s bumper.

She has been charged with arson, criminal mischief, and reckless endangerment, which are all classified as hate crimes.

Watch ABC7NY’s report on the story below:

Sky Palma

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