You’ve probably been mispronouncing most of these world places your whole life

Remember the shock you felt when you finally read the lyrics to a classic song that you loved? All those years, you were singing the words to the chorus wrong. This is kinda like that.

This collection of images from the folks over at Thrillophilia takes some of the most commonly mispronounced place names of cities around the world and shows us the correct way to pronounce them.

Of course, some of these mispronunciations are the result of adaptations from one language to another, but it’s all about the more you know, right?


Bangkok, Thailand names 1
Melbourne, Australia names 2
Reykjavik, Iceland names 3
Dubai, UAE names 4
Beijing, China names 5
Budapest, Hungary names 6
Phuket, Thailand names 7
Brisbane, Australia names 8
Colombia names 9
Yosemite Park, USA names 10
Iraq names 11
Montreal, Canada names 12
Qatar names 13
The River Thames, UK names 14
Versailles, France names 15
Worcester, UK names 16
Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem names 17
Helena, USA names 18
Kissimmee, USA names 19
Lafayette, USA names 20
La Jolla, USA names 21
Niger names 22
Pakistan names 23
Worcestershire, UK names 24



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