During a concert in 1979, Steve Martin delivered the greatest punch line in comedy history (NSFW)

The greatest thing about this clip is that when you think you get to the punch

VIDEO: Watch how amazingly well ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s videos match up with the original ones

One of the big reasons Weird Al deserves all
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John Travolta’s ex-pilot plans to speak out about their secret ‘relationship’

A judge ruled this Tuesday that John Travolta cannot
23 July | by

VIDEO: J.J. Abrams gives Star Wars fans a peek at new X-Wing Fighter design for Episode VII

Here’s a juicy little nugget for all you rabid
21 July | by
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Guy tells MSNBC host that ‘blast from Howard Stern’s a**’ took down Malaysian Airlines plane

Here’s a little window into the dark and inappropriate world of live television — and rabid
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WATCH: Fox’s Chris Wallace grills GOP congressman on IRS investigation: ‘Where’s the evidence?’

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday this week,
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RT anchor quits live on air: ‘I can’t be part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin’

In an amazing development this Wednesday, an anchor who
5 March | by
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Watch Fox’s Chris Wallace call out Darrell Issa for ‘highest level of falsehood’ on Benghazi

Continuing his periodic reputation of breaking from the Fox
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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: UFOs appear over Toronto, prompting a rash of police reports

28 July | by
This Saturday night, things were flying over the city of Toronto.

This video from Russia will bring you to tears (the good kind of tears)

Considering all the worst-of-humanity videos that Russian dash cams

Here are 25 of the most creative and thought-provoking sculptures on earth

People were recently asked to find and submit pictures

Stalker texts girl while hiding under her bed: ‘I’m watching you’

A stalker broke into a 16-year-old girl's house and