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Liam Martin is a 17 year-old New Zealander and
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The creators of South Park nailed the hypocrisy of alcohol commercials perfectly

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Watch David Blain’s card trick make Stephen Hawking’s face light up

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The extreme difference in how news coverage of Ebola in the U.K. differs from the U.S.

This NBC Nightly News anchorman went live to a reporter taking a leak

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.
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Canadian authorities release video of gunman storming Parliament building

Authorities in Canada have released video showing how a
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VIDEO: Mike Tyson to Canadian TV host: ‘F*ck you. You’re really a piece of sh*t.’

Mike Tyson was on a Canadian talk show this
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VIDEO: Fed up German town pranks neo-Nazi marchers into donating to anti-racist charity

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The group Rights versus Rights turned a walk that traditionally celebrating Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler's deputy, into a fundraiser for helping neo-Nazis move away

Catholic school teacher resigns after harassment from Ebola-fearing parents

A Kentucky Catholic teacher has resigned rather than

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