Andy Richter’s response to Chelsea Handler’s fat joke was the best comeback in late night history

Comedian Chelsea Handler appeared on CONAN recently and she learned one very important lesson: DO NOT

Jerry Seinfeld slammed the advertising industry at their own awards show, and it was perfect

Jerry Seinfeld laid into the advertising industry with a
6 October | by

Mr. Bean makes his triumphant return in a new commercial

In a new commercial for Snickers, Rowan Atkinson looks
6 October | by

‘Bad Lip Reading’ does Season 4 of The Walking Dead and it’s ridiculously funny

The folks over at Bad Lip Reading have done
26 September | by
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VIDEO: Mike Tyson to Canadian TV host: ‘F*ck you. You’re really a piece of sh*t.’

Mike Tyson was on a Canadian talk show this morning promoting his one-man show playing in
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This comic strip nails the right wing media’s narrative on Michael Brown perfectly

Matt Bors is a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist and
19 August | by
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Guy tells MSNBC host that ‘blast from Howard Stern’s a**’ took down Malaysian Airlines plane

Here’s a little window into the dark and inappropriate
17 July | by
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WATCH: Fox’s Chris Wallace grills GOP congressman on IRS investigation: ‘Where’s the evidence?’

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday this week,
14 April | by

This 4 minute video will show you why Russian gymnasts are not human

15 October | by
Sometimes we come across things on the Internet that are so astounding, we just have to throw our normal routine to the wind and

Here are 22 GIFS showing why ‘Boiler Room’ club kids are the worst people on earth

The creators of "Boiler Room Knows What You Did

Here are 37 people who will show you the true meaning of ‘cool’

After seeing these images, you'll wonder if any generation
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CDC confirms the first case of Ebola inside the U.S.

A patient in a Dallas hospital has been confirmed