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This woman is smiling because the yoga studio she set on fire was ‘the Devil’s temple’

After her rather chipper mugshot found its way onto the Internet, a Texas woman took the time to explain why she was in such a good mood after being arrested.

Shocking new police brutality video emerges from Detroit

Michigan State Police suspected Floyd Dent of purchasing drugs, so they trailed his car and pulled him over. What happened next was possibly the most “preposterous case of police brutality in modern American history” according to Shawn King of the Daily Kos.

Watch the moment a man confesses to shooting his girlfriend on live TV

Late last year, a reporter for Australia’s News 7 was investigating a story about a shooting, when a leather-clad man on a motorcycle flagged him down.

Man who killed neighbor’s dogs and posted it to Facebook is taken into custody

A Texas volunteer firefighter has turned himself into authorities after a photo he posted to Facebook, allegedly showing his neighbor’s dogs that he shot to death, went globally viral.

Rikers inmates band together to rescue a female prison guard from sexual assault

According to a report from the New York Daily News, a group of inmates at Rikers Island banded together to help a female corrections officer who was being sexually assaulted by another inmate.

Cops and prosecutors who framed disabled veteran are in hot water after cellphone video emerges

Douglas Dendinger, a disabled 47 year-old veteran, was supposed to be headed to prison. Washington Parish La. cops and the prosecutors they were colluding with were going to make sure of that.

Car thief knocking himself out with his own brick is the strongest evidence for karma yet

Outside of a pub in Drogheda, a car thief can be seen hurling a brick at a car window -- only to have the brick bounce off the window back at the thief’s face, knocking him to the ground.

Virginia pastor’s claim he was robbed and shot by a black man turns out to be bullsh*t

A Virginia pastor has been arrested for lying to police after he filed a report claiming he was robbed at gunpoint by a “multi-racial” couple, after he acted like a Good Samaritan and stopped to help them with their car trouble.

Man captures on video the terrifying moment his neighbor hacks through door with a machete

After chopping down his neighbor’s front door with a machete last February, Twain Thomas was sentenced to 15 years last week in prison for attempted murder. Amazingly, the entire act was caught on video. From KIDK: On Feb. 22, police were called to the

Recent allegations against Bill Cosby fall square within the statute of limitations

It seems there’s a good chance that Bill Cosby could finally face charges related to sexual assault. Sources say that model Chloe Goins is expected to file charges with the Los Angeles Police Department for an assault she alleges occurred at the Playboy mansion