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VIDEO: Thieves try to rob a gas station, quickly find out the clerk is a semi-pro MMA fighter

A group of thieves in Texas made the unfortunate mistake of trying to rob a gas station employee whose co-worker happened to be a mixed martial arts fighter.

Porcelain dolls resembling young girls placed in front of their families’ homes

Here’s a story that has a creep factor level of 10.

Stalker texts girl while hiding under her bed: ‘I’m watching you’

A stalker broke into a 16-year-old girl's house and texted her "I'm watching you" while he was hiding under her bed.

WATCH: Postal worker gets caught on camera being a jerk, now he’s been forced to resign

The footage, captured by an onlooker, was filmed Monday in Birmingham Alabama.

WATCH: California Highway Patrol officer is caught on video viciously beating woman

The California Highway Patrol responded Thursday to a YouTube video showing an officer punching a woman along the side of the freeway.

VIDEO: Biker acts like a jerk on the freeway, gets a dose of instant karma

This guy got exactly what was coming to him.

VIDEO: Trucker pulls cop over for speeding and talking on his cellphone

How many of us would have the balls to pull this off?

VIDEO: Insane road rager decides to pull a gun during a heated argument

Apparently, this guy got braked-checked twice and decided to show his displeasure by pulling a handgun.

Pervert gets confronted at his home after getting caught taking pictures of man’s teenage daughter

It’s safe to say that J. Keith wasn’t happy when he saw a man taking pictures of young women and girls -- including his 13 year-old daughter.

VIDEO: Massive brawl that breaks out in Greek restaurant puts WWE to shame

We’re not sure how any of these dudes were still standing after this massive brawl.