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Watch this cop blow a fuse while harassing a citizen who actually knows his rights

Ever wondered what happens when a cop confronts a person who actually knows his/her rights?

Watch this guy teach a would-be robber a hard lesson

When Freddie F. Johnson walked into a CVS store in Sarasota, Fla., on Sunday with plans to rob the place, he had no idea that Jaanus Jurisoo was going to make things slightly difficult. According to a report from WFTS-TV, Johnson went to the

Watch this police officer act like a JERK for no apparent reason

A police officer doesn’t necessarily have to beat you with a baton or shoot you in the back to violate your civil rights. He can just be a major jerk and put your life in danger, all just to satisfy his own ego. The

Video of white police officer arresting black man without a warrant sparks outrage

A disturbing video has recently emerged that shows a New Orleans police officer forcing his way into the home of a black man – without a warrant – and placing him under arrest.

Actor James Franco tried to arrange a hotel hook-up with a 17 year-old on Instagram (SCREENSHOTS)

Actor, writer and “poet” (we’ve read his poetry, thus the quotation marks) James Franco is in a little bit of a mess. According to some very convincing screenshots circulating the Internet, the 35 year-old Franco tried to arrange a hotel hook-up with a 17

VIDEO: Police officer violently blindsides woman during University of Arizona riot

Cell phone video has emerged showing a female pedestrian being violently blindsided by a police officer. The girl is seen walking in the footage when, suddenly a police officer knocks her off of her feet after thrusting his baton into her chest. According to

VIDEO: Road-raging redneck gets instant karma (UPDATED)

A YouTube user going by the username Florida Driver posted this video Wednesday, saying that she’d been tailed by an angry truck driver for three minutes. “After about a minute, and me shaking my head, I pulled out my phone and started recording. I

Disturbing YouTube videos show students talking about lies they told to get their teachers fired

Troubling video has surfaced of students saying they’ve fabricated stories to get teachers who didn’t like them fired. Houston’s KRIV-TV recently conducted an investigation and found an alarming number of YouTube videos featuring students describing what they’ve done to frame their teachers. “So, we’re

Newly-released video contradicts police account of shooting that killed homeless man

Albuquerque New Mexico’s new police chief Gordon Eden seems to think that the latest officer involved shooting that killed a homeless man was justified. But new video released Friday is raising questions about what threat if any the victim posed when he was shot

Security guard heroically disarms man who walked into a bar carrying a gun

When a man carrying a gun entered the door of the St. Paul, Minnesota bar where Eric Wasson works as a security guard, the gunman had no idea what was in store for him. Wasson tried to defuse the situation by smiling at the