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NY Times Op-Ed calls U.S. ally Saudi Arabia ‘an ISIS that has made it’

A new New York Times opinion piece by Kamel Daoud aims to poke holes at the West’s alliance with Saudi Arabia, dissecting our complicated alliance with the country and the many similarities between its extreme Islamist culture and the so-called Islamic State. Saudi Arabia is governed

Ben Carson loves Nazi comparisons, so why isn’t he making the easiest one?

Comparing modern-day America, in any sense, to Nazi Germany and/or the Holocaust is, at best, idiotic, and at worst incredibly insulting.

Christian homeschooler mom found guilty on 28 counts of child abuse

Georgia mother Diana Franklin, who used her staunchly held religious beliefs to justify abusing her adopted teenaged daughter, could face over 400 years in prison after being found guilty on 28 counts of child abuse.

Daily Beast executive wants Trump boycott: ‘If you work with him, you support fascism’

The editor-in-chief for The Daily Beast is calling for Americans to boycott companies that do business with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

#BlackLivesMatter protesters shot by ‘white men in ski masks’ during demonstration

A peaceful Black Lives Matter protest for Jamal Clark was hit by violence in Minneapolis Monday night, when white supremacists fired into the crowd, injuring at least five protesters. All five have non-life threatening injuries.

Twitter: Anonymous’s war on ISIS is ‘wildly inaccurate’ and causing ‘collateral damage’

After the FBI discredited Anonymous's claims that ISIS was planning to attack a WWE event, the loosely-connected hacker group is dealing with even more drama and controversy.

Yoga class for disabled students canceled because of ‘colonialism and western supremacy’

The Centre for Students With Disabilities at the University of Ottawa has recently cancelled a yoga class -- designed for people with disabilities -- because "there are cultural issues involved in the practice."

Texas mayor: ‘I’m more scared of large gatherings of young white men than Syrian refugees’

Rawlings went further, saying that demonizing refugees allows us all to "fall into the trap" of what ISIS wants, adding that "ISIS is no more Islamic than Nazi senior staff was Christian."

Bernie slams Muslim countries for spending billions on soccer stadiums while failing to combat ISIS

At a speech at Georgetown University last week, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders touched on a wide variety of topics. He discussed democratic socialism and what it means. He compared what he wants to do to Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidential actions. And for a part

Bill Maher on Ben Carson’s apocalyptic religious beliefs: ‘You sir, are a clear and present ding dong’

Carson identifies as a Seventh Day Adventist, a sect of Christianity which believes that Jesus will return to Earth very soon, starting the rapture and end the world as we now it. The sect was founded on a guarantee that the world would end