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Here are 13 gifs of people who’ve had one too many drinks

There’s drunk, then there’s REALLY drunk, and then there’s otherworldly drunk.

Here are 10 examples of people taking things way too literally

Most of the images speak for themselves, but a reader submitted the last to us without a description and we’re still baffled by it.

VIDEO: Two thieves pick the wrong victim, get a hefty dose of mob justice

The video shows dashcam footage of a robbery in progress, but the thieves seemed to have bitten off a little more than they can chew when their victim decided not to let them off the hook.

Grandmas all over Facebook are accidentally getting tagged as ‘Grandmaster Flash’

Facebook glitches are a pain. Trust us, we know. But rarely is Facebook glitch as funny as the one we’re about to show you.

Kanye West stops show, demands that wheelchair-bound man ‘stand up and dance’

He has great musical talent, but sometimes talent can rush to the head so fast, it can dislodge other critical thinking and self awareness skills.

NFL ‘Bad Lip Reading’ is the funniest video you’ll see today

The folks over at Bad Lip Reading decided to poke a little fun at the embattled NFL, making it the subject of one of its hilarious videos.

VIDEO: Christopher Hitchens knew how to deal with 9/11 truthers

Back in 2007 during his book tour for God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, Hitchens was on stage having a discussion with Tim Rutten. During the Q&A period, a man grabbed the microphone and challenged Hitchens to look at the “myth” of

VIDEO: Mike Tyson to Canadian TV host: ‘F*ck you. You’re really a piece of sh*t.’

Mike Tyson was on a Canadian talk show this morning promoting his one-man show playing in Toronto, when a certain question dampened his mood a little.

Tonight’s PBS special will completely destroy the anti-vaccine movement

If you’re someone who cares about science, you need to watch tonight’s PBS special on vaccines called “Vaccines: Calling the Shots.”

Guy claiming to be martial arts master picks fight with a skater, skater proves otherwise

There’s a special, priceless lesson some people learn in life – especially when they have a slightly inflated view of their fighting skills.