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VIDEO: Here’s how women’s beauty standards have changed in the last 3,000 years

There isn’t really a “right way” to interpret female beauty. It’s all just based on what the society and cultural norms we live in tell us.

What if people treated mental illness like they do physical disease?

Maybe we should be more careful about what we say to people if we don't know what living with mental illness is like.

Dr. Drew perfectly dismantled Nancy Grace on her ridiculously stupid views regarding pot

If Nancy Grace’s humiliation at the hands of rapper 2 Chains on the subject of pot legalization earlier this month wasn’t enough, she definitely was looking for another beating this week, this time with Dr. Drew Pinksy and NORML’s Norm Kent.

The BBC flew a drone over Auschwitz, and the resulting images will haunt you

Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, the BBC is giving the world a chance to see the ruins of the concentration camp – where 1.1 million people died -- as they've never seen it before.

Dr. Oz’s favorite guest is ordered to pay $9 million for fraudulent weight loss claims

One of the guests of Dr. Oz’s daytime talk show is feeling the fallout from recent criticism of the celebrity doctor, agreeing to pay $9 million in damages to customers duped by his fraudulent claims that green coffee bean extract would help them lose

Someone is defacing Islamophobic bus ads in San Francisco with Marvel’s first Muslim superhero

Anyone who thought that running Islamophobic ads on buses in San Francisco – a famously liberal city – was going to come without consequence, probably deserves any kind of humiliation they get.

Sarah Palin probably doesn’t want this photo to go viral

A reader of the news site Mediaite shared an interesting photo of Sarah Palin taken during her recent trip to Las Vegas. In the photo, Palin holds up a sign along with two other men that reads, “Fuc_ You Michael Moore,” with the two

Here is the devastating impact of vaccine deniers in one simple measles chart

Thanks to the debunked theories that have been perpetuated by celebrities and pseudoscience websites, only about 51% of Americans believe that vaccines are “safe and effective.”

Mississippi won’t allow this teacher to teach kids sex ed, so he devised a brilliant solution

In Mississippi, the virtue of “abstinence” is what passes for sex education. Seriously, it’s the law. Teachers are prohibited from “any demonstration of how condoms or other contraceptives are applied."

Here’s how you can make a paper airplane fly forever

When I first saw this, my first thought was to show it to my son – but not to let him in at first on how it works, just to see the baffled look on his face. “What kind of sorcery is this, Dad?”