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John Malkovich recreated a bunch of famous historical portraits, and it’s perfect

John Malkovich’s career has been full of variety to say the least. In a photo project which simultaneously celebrates Malkovich’s unique talent as a theatrical chameleon while paying tribute to classic photography.

George Stephanopolous’s grilling of Indiana governor Mike Pence was masterful

According to Indiana governor Mike Pence, the “religious freedom” bill that he signed into law is the victim of a huge “misunderstanding” perpetuated by the left and the mainstream media.

Restaurant shames lying Yelp reviewer by releasing security footage

Recently, a Bay Area Chinese restaurant called Wonderful received a one-star review from an allegedly disgruntled customer named Dan W. He posted a negative review of the restaurant, saying the service was terrible.

Lobbyist claims Monsanto’s Round Up is safe to drink, panics when TV host offers him a glass

When a controversial lobbyist claimed during a TV interview that Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup was safe to drink, the host offered him a glass. Needless to say, he wasn’t willing to back up his claim.

This woman is smiling because the yoga studio she set on fire was ‘the Devil’s temple’

After her rather chipper mugshot found its way onto the Internet, a Texas woman took the time to explain why she was in such a good mood after being arrested.

Shocking new police brutality video emerges from Detroit

Michigan State Police suspected Floyd Dent of purchasing drugs, so they trailed his car and pulled him over. What happened next was possibly the most “preposterous case of police brutality in modern American history” according to Shawn King of the Daily Kos.

Not-racist-anymore former KKK leader wants to show you how not-racist he is

He’s really serious. Forget that all throughout the 70s and 80s he was the head of a racist terrorist group, fighting to keep segregation as the norm in the South.

Springbreaker’s ‘come at me, bro’ goes horribly wrong. So horribly, wonderfully wrong

We’ve found a video that embodies everything you hate about springbreakers, while simultaneously showing the perfect comeuppance for a cowardly punk that should strike all cowardly punks wherever there are cowardly punks.

As Ted Cruz announced his ’16 bid at Liberty University, audience trashes him on social media

When Ted Cruz announced his ’16 presidential yesterday morning at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, you would have thought he’d have a warm reception at the fundamentalist Christian campus where getting caught kissing or dancing can get you into trouble.

Watch the moment a man confesses to shooting his girlfriend on live TV

Late last year, a reporter for Australia’s News 7 was investigating a story about a shooting, when a leather-clad man on a motorcycle flagged him down.