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Want cops to stop killing unarmed black kids? Just follow these 5 steps

Police don't seem to feel threatened by a certain demographic of people who walk around carrying firearms.

Here are 30 fascinating photos from history that you probably had no idea existed

Our understanding of history changes when we're exposed to images that we never knew existed.

Bill Cosby allegedly forced female CBS staffers to ‘watch him eat curry’ in his dressing room

A bizarre account of Bill Cosby's bizarre behavior emerged from the New York Daily News this Sunday, where a source alleged that the comedian forced female CBS staffers to “watch him eat curry” backstage at the David Letterman Show.

This guy summed up the entire Bible in one Facebook post, and it was perfect

This guy totally nailed it.

These drawings of famous landmarks were made with bicycle tires rolled in ink

These drawings were all created bicycle tire treads.

Janice Dickinson shares photos she took of Bill Cosby the night he allegedly assaulted her in 1982

In an exclusive from TMZ, the images below are photos that model and actress Janice Dickinson took of Bill Cosby, just before he allegedly raped her in a hotel room in 1982. According to the celebrity gossip site (although they sometimes do some decent investigative

Here are 20 eye-popping 3D tattoos that will make your brain do a double take

The art of tattooing has entered into a new evolutionary phase, where the effects of illusion are being applied just as common as the technique of coloring and shading.

We can’t stop looking at these images of random things cut in half

Wanting to look inside stuff is a innate curiosity that stays with us from childhood to adulthood. Maybe that’s why so many of us found this photo collection so fascinating. Look: Leica Camera Lens Jawbreaker Candy Golf Balls Fragmentation Grenade Different Types of Bullets Piñata

This video of Black Friday insanity shows why it’s America’s most shameful tradition

Black Friday is a shameful American tradition that has a special way of bringing out the worst in people. Someone needs to tell these people that Cyber Monday is the best shopping day of the year.

‘Los Feliz Day Care’ is the funniest Twitter profile I’ve ever seen

Pseudoscience-believing, anti-vaxxer parents from the elite neighborhoods of Southern California are no joke, but nailing the insanity of this kind of ideology to the wall with sharp and dry humor is an extremely useful tool in combating it.