Man jailed after surveillance video captures him abandoning dog at dump site

Police in Dallas, Texas are cracking down on animal dumping, and their efforts have yielded them their first arrest.

According to Fox29, the Dallas Marshall’s Office set up a camera near a common dumping spot in Southern Dallas and captured a heartbreaking scene. Video footage from the camera shows a man drive up to the dumping site and pull out a 1-year-old dog out by a leash. He then dropped the leash to the ground and let the dog walk away before getting back into his car to leave.

After an investigation, a warrant was issued and the man turned himself in this Monday.

Gorge Spears is now in the Dallas County Jail facing criminal animal cruelty charges.

The dog has since been adopted.

Watch the video below:

Dog dumped in Dallas

A man is in jail after he was caught on surveillance video abandoning a dog at a popular dumping site in Dallas. Police say it's their first arrest since setting up the camera to crack down on animal dumping. bit.ly/2wqZQpz

Posted by FOX 4 News on miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2017

Featured image via screen grab

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