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Alt-Right women are just now figuring out that Alt-Right men are misogynistic trolls who want to control them

This is what happens when female voices of the Alt-Right feel the effects of the ideology they espouse.

Alt-right trolls are targeting women in an online harassment campaign — women who are leading voices in their own movement.

As Right Wing Watch points out, “far-right audiences” are attacking YouTube personalities Lauren Southern and Tara McCarthy for failing to have multiple children to combat the shrinking dominance of white demographics.

In a YouTube post from November 23, Southern explained to her viewers why she isn’t married with children despite preaching about “traditionalist” lifestyles where women are resigned to child-rearing and homemaking.

“I don’t usually respond to comments because in my opinion comments don’t represent what I say, however I have gotten so many comments lately that have misinterpreted the message I’m trying to put out there that it’s gotten to a point where unfortunately I think I do need to address it,” Southern, who is 22-years-old, said. She went on to explain it would be “degenerate” for her to get married at a young age without any prospective husbands on the horizon.

“That VAG and those eggs have an EXPIRATION DATE smug sugarpants,” one person commented on the video.

After a tweet where she expressed shock that the Alt-Right seems to be creating a “male space” and that she would “happily leave” the movement, self-described “ethno-nationalist” Tara McCarthy had to set her Twitter account to private after a swarm of comments attacking her dominated her notifications.

In a series of tweets (which are now marked private) from this Sunday, McCarthy said women in the Alt-Right “are constantly harassed by low status anonymous trolls trying to put us in our place. Women of all ages, who do or don’t have children, are harassed for various ‘reasons.'”

“The ultimate goal seems to be to bully us off the internet,” she added.

In another tweet, McCarthy said that men in the Alt-Right “are going to have to decide whether they will continue to passively/actively endorse this behavior, or speak out against it.”

“If you want more women speaking publicly about ethno nationalism, I suggest you choose the latter,” she said.

From Salon’s Rachel Leah:

While McCarthy would like to see racism without the sexism in the white supremacist movement — and Southern would appreciate it if anti-feminist women were given the ability to choose for themselves what kind of life they want to lead — it’s worth wondering if these women are liberal.

After all, what kind of “alt-right” darling wants to promote some intersectionalism?

Featured image via screen grab (YouTube)

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