Christian evangelist: Broccoli is proof that ‘evolution is a religion’

When it comes to people who believe the earth is less than 10,000 years-old and humans walked with dinosaurs, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis gets most of the attention for his pseudoscientific work. But don’t forget Kent Hovind, whose belief system is just as twisted as Ham’s.

Like Ham, Hovind is invested in disseminating the idea that the theory of evolution is a scam. During a livestream he posted this Wednesday, Hovind argued that broccoli is proof that evolution isn’t true.

“How could broccoli have evolved slowly by chance?,” Hovind asked rhetorically. “I would like an answer to that.”

According to Hovind, it’s a very “simple answer.”

“How many trillions of intermediate steps would there have to be to change from an amoeba or from a single-celled creature to broccoli?” he continued. “Is there any scientific evidence for these supposed changes that you guys believe in — capital B, believe?”

But as the Friendly Atheist’s Hemant Mehta points out, broccoli didn’t need to undergo the trillions of steps to get to where it is. Broccoli’s evolution happened in a span of about 2,500 years.

That means Hovind isn’t just talking out of his ass. He’s speaking with authority about something he didn’t even try to research. That’s how Creationists operate. They argue scientists can’t explain things, but the reality is, even when scientists can explain things, these Christians stick their fingers in their ears so they can remain in their fantasy bubble where the Bible contains all the answers.

Hovind’s broccoli argument is just a step above a widely mocked assertion by another creationist firebrand, Ray Comfort.

On one of his old Way of the Master shows he co-hosted with child actor-turned born again Christian Kirk Cameron, Comfort held up a banana and declared the fruit to be an atheist’s “nightmare” because it was clearly intelligently designed — his evidence being: it’s curved towards your mouth, it comfortably fits your hand, it’s easy to grab, its various colors tell when it’s ripe enough to eat, it has a ‘tab’ so you can open it, etc.


Watch Hovind’s video below:

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