Christian pastor: God is going to start killing FBI agents who arrested Jan 6 rioters

The founder of “America’s Black Robe Regiment” who thinks that “the government of God [established] throughout every square inch of the Earth,” gave a sermon recently where he said that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a “psy op” carried out by the government, and that God will soon begin to punish FBI agents who arrested rioters, Right Wing Watch reported.

“It was a psy op,” the Rev. Bill Cook said, referring to Jan. 6. “It’s been nothing but naked tyranny. I have friends that are in prison right now because of that.”

“It’s a gutless, cowardly move that they do, and they are arresting people and throwing them into jail,” Cook said during the sermon he gave at On Fire Ministries in Spokane, Washington. “The message that God gave me this morning is that death is about to start executing no-knock warrants on the ungodly that are perpetrating stuff. And so I want to say to my friends in the FBI, ‘Keep doing it because death is about to execute a no-knock warrant on you.’”

“[God is] going to invade your domicile—this body—and take you out of it and when he does, you’re going to stand before God and it’s not going to be pleasant,” he continued. “You’re gonna see the love of God, but it’s only gonna be for a fleeting second, and when God’s finished with you, he will send you to your eternal destination, eternal Hell.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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