Christian prophet: God let Ruth Bader Ginsburg stay on the Supreme Court so she ‘has time’ to accept Jesus

On today’s edition of The Jim Bakker Show, self-proclaimed prophet and “intercessor” James Goll said that God told him that he’s allowing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to remain on the Supreme Court to give her time to “repent” and “come to the Lord,” Right Wing Watch reports.

Goll said God gave him a vision that prophesied President Trump’s next picks for the Supreme Court. He claimed that the appointments of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh were already fulfilled part of the prophecy, but didn’t say who the others would be. As Right Wing Watch points out, Golls hinted that it would be RBG, suggesting that her impending conversion to Christianity will function as a new appointment.

“Will [Trump] be re-elected? It is, I believe, the Father’s will, but we must align with the Father’s choice,” Goll said. “I know who is supposed to resign. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that if this justice—he is going to give this particular justice time to repent. I know who it is, he told me by name. I’m not going to say [on] air the name of the person; I think you can figure it out.”

“He told me he was going to give time for this particular justice to repent, to come to the Lord,” Goll added. “If they don’t, they will be removed.”

“God has got a trump card and there is going to be a woman who is going to be appointed and she will be an Esther—a modern-day Esther—and she will tip the scales of the U.S. Supreme Court toward constitutional conservatism in Jesus’ name.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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