Christian prophet: ‘Weather controlling’ Democrats caused Tennessee tornado to sabotage Bernie Sanders

Mark Taylor likes to call himself the “Firefighter Prophet” and he’s known for making unusual predictions — claiming that President Donald Trump will uncover cures for Alzheimer’s and cancer if he’s reelected and that Jimmy Carter’s black eye is a sign of the Illuminati.

But now he has another interesting theory, which he discussed with his pal Chris McDonald during The MCFiles program. Taylor claimed that folks who don’t like Bernie Sanders somehow have the capability to control the weather and cause tornadoes. Which is what happened in Tennessee after Sanders held a rally in the state.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these things hit Nashville because Bernie just had a rally right there that just got over and then all of a sudden these things hit,” Taylor told McDonald. “You know, that was — again, they’re controlling the weather. We’ve got technology to control the weather, we’ve talked about this before. So I mean, was this something that they were trying to do damage because they don’t want Bernie in here. The whole Democratic party doesn’t want Bernie in there for some reason.”

Here’s the clip below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton has traveled extensively throughout the Southern United States, Mexico, and parts of Central America. A lifelong atheist, these travels have informed her political views. She currently lives in a remote location with a large herd of cats and four dogs.