Fmr. Trump voter fraud chief close to settling lawsuit over ‘alien invasion’ slander

One of the most egregious things the Trump administration has done is claim that there was mass voter fraud sweeping the nation with non-citizens allegedly voting for Democrats. According to Donald Trump and his allies, that is the reason he lost the popular vote in the 2016 election. However, one organization pushing this conspiracy theory seems to have gone too far.

According to Talking Points Memo, J. Christian Adams was the head of Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF). During his tenure there, Adams created and released to the public reports of voter fraud in the state of Virginia. Dubbed the “Aliens Invasions” reports, the documents had identifying information of American citizens, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, along with the claim that they were ineligble to vote in Virginia. Adams released the reports in 2016 and 2017, and he will now have to apologize to the citizens he defamed therein. The following statement will appear on the website of the organization, and the documents containing the lies, as well as the citizens’ information, will be removed:

PILF recognizes that individuals in [the removed exhibits] were in fact citizens and that these citizens did not commit felonies. PILF profoundly regrets any characterization of those registrants as felons or instances of registration or voting as felonies.”

They went on to say that they would like to issue a “profound apology that it relied so heavily on the commonwealth election records, it seemed implausible that Virginia would be improperly removing American citizens from the voter rolls.”

After all of this it would seem that this organization would roll up its carpets and close its doors, but no. They insist that they will continue to press on with “efforts to document voter fraud and election vulnerabilities nationwide.” They also said:

“The Foundation looks forward to discussing the vast resources behind those who oppose election integrity and engage in efforts to stifle any speech that raises awareness of the real vulnerabilities in the security of American elections.”

Indeed. The League of United Latin American Citizens, out of Richmond, Virginia, is was behind the lawsuit that brought the actions of Adams and the others at PILF to light. It should be pretty clear what this was, though: an attempt by GOP and Trump allies to keep minorities from voting, because when minorities vote, Republicans lose.