Georgia Republicans want to ban Coca-Cola from their offices over criticism of new voting law


Republican lawmakers in Georgia want to ban Coca-Cola products from their offices after the company’s CEO slammed the state’s new voting law, The Hill reports.

In a letter from Saturday addressed to Georgia Beverage Association CEO Kevin Perry, GOP state House representatives Victor Anderson, Clint Crowe, Matt Barton, Jason Ridley, Lauren McDonald III, Stan Gunter, Dewayne Hill and Marcus Wiedower slammed Coca-Cola for caving to “cancel culture” and perpetuating a “national dialogue” that they said “seeks to intentionally mislead the citizens of Georgia and deepen a divide in our great state.”

In a statement late last month, Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey called Georgia’s new voting law “unacceptable” and “a step backwards.”

“Let me be crystal clear and unequivocal, this legislation is unacceptable, it is a step backward and it does not promote principles we have stood for in Georgia, around broad access to voting, around voter convenience, about ensuring election integrity, and this is frankly just a step backwards,” Quincey said.

In the letter, lawmakers said they have “the responsibility to all of Georgia to not engage in those misguided intentions nor continue to support corporation who choose.”

“Given Coke’s choice to cave to the pressure of an out of control cancel culture, we respectfully request all Coca-Cola Company products be removed from our office suite immediately,” the letter read. “Should Coke choose to read the bill, share its true intentions and accept their role in the dissemination of mistruths, we would welcome a conversation to rebuild a working relationship.”

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