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InfoWars host: The show ‘Masked Singer’ conditioned Americans to accept mask wearing

DeAnna Lorraine has quite a history of bad coronavirus takes.

Right-wing conspiracy theorist, ex-GOP congressional candidate, and newly-minted InfoWars host DeAnna Lorraine has a theory about the realty singing competition Masked Singer. According to her, there’s a good chance it was an indoctrination program to get Americans used to the idea of wearing masks.

“I find it very interesting how the show ‘Masked Singer’ hit America in January 2019, a little bit over a year before they started forcing us all into masks,” she tweeted this Friday. “It’s almost like they were beginning to condition the public that masks were ‘normal’ and ‘cool.'”

“The media is demonic,” she added.

Aside from her usual QAnon nuttery, Lorraine has quite a history of bad coronavirus takes. Earlier this month, she declared that anyone who tests positive for coronavirus is “probably a paid leftist” or is perpetrating a “hoax.” In May during the height of the pandemic, she said that being an asymptomatic carrier of the virus “is really just code name for ‘You don’t have it.'”

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