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Pro-Trump Christian preacher: The U.S. military is training to combat ‘underground child sacrifices’

Mark Taylor likes to describe himself as a “prophet.” Some of his greatest hits include his prediction that Trump will reveal cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s if he’s reelected, that secret liberal factions in the government will create hurricanes to suppress voter turnout for the midterms, that the Illuminati is emitting frequencies that change people’s DNA so they’ll oppose Trump … the point is, he’s not really a bastion of rational thinking, but he does provide endless amounts of unintentional comedy.

During a recent appearance on the streaming show The Sharpening Report, Taylor claimed to have info on a secret operation by the U.S. military currently underway to combat “underground child sacrifices” and “sex trafficking rings.”

According to Taylor, child sacrifices and pedophile rings are hiding in “tunnels” under the earth’s surface.

In a clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Taylor claimed that Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy investment banker and political donor who is a convicted sex offender, spent millions building tunnels on a private island so he and others could engage in Satanic pedophile rituals.

“There were having a dining room where they had cannibalism going on,” Taylor said. “It’s all going on underground.”

Taylor then described a vision allegedly shown to him by God, revealing why Epstein chooses to be underground for his Satanic orgies.

“Now, the Lord showed me something: Why is it going on underground?” Taylor asked the show’s host. “Because, number one, they don’t have any resistance underground, and number two, they’re closer to the entities—digging down—that they’re trying to invoke.”

“That’s why they’re doing that,” he continued. “They’re closer to the enemies they’re invoking—of course, it’s in secret—[and] they have no resistance … I read an article where the military is literally training to start fighting underground because so much of that is going on underground right now, globally.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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