Pro-Trump pastors and their followers spin in circles while praying for God give them ‘authority over the election’

During an event in Phoenix hosted by some of the most prominent pro-Trump pastors and self-proclaimed “prophets” gathered to pray for God watch over the upcoming midterm elections.

“Just twenty days before the midterm elections, we will gather together in unity—with love for our God and our country—at Dream City Church in Phoenix,” a description of the event on the Victory Channel’s website. “We’ll talk about what matters, dissecting the issues critical to our nation and the world—sharing truth and hope from a biblical perspective during this, the last stop in the Take Back America Tour.”

In a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Hank Kunneman — who prophesied that Donald Trump would be reinstated to White House after he lost in 2020, spun around in circles and called on his followers to do the same.

“Let’s just all begin to turn around,” Kunneman said as he began to spin in circles. “God, we speak and declare over the United States of America, over this time that you have chosen for the midterm elections … Lord, as we turn, we see things shift, we see things turn towards righteousness, to justice, Lord, to truth — We see things turn back to the way of a divine reset and a rebirthing of this nation, once again.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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