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Voting tech company moves to dismiss Mike Lindell’s lawsuit against them: ‘It has no basis in fact or law’

The voting tech company Smartmatic slammed MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in a court filing this Wednesday, calling his federal lawsuit against them a “crusade without a claim,” Insider reports.

The company asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit, saying the Lindell’s accusations are a “stunt” with “no basis in fact or law.”

“Presenting fiction as fact outside the courtroom can result in a defamation lawsuit. Presenting fiction as fact inside the courtroom should result in dismissal and sanctions,” Smartmatic’s filing read, according to Insider. “The First Amendment allows Mr. Lindell to espouse his fictional views about the 2020 US election outside the courtroom with the understanding that he will face legal consequences for doing so. But the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure do not allow Mr. Lindell and his attorneys to present fictitious claims inside the courtroom.”

This June, Lindell filed a lawsuit claiming that he’s at risk of losing over $2 billion from what he says is a “conspiracy and enterprise to harm him” by Smartmatic and another voting tech company, Dominion Voting Systems. Within the lawsuit is a conspiracy theory claiming that both companies conspired to rig the 2020 election.

“These claims are as farcical as they appear. They are all foreclosed by existing law, and Mr. Lindell alleges no facts to satisfy their elements. Each claim also centers on the idea that Mr. Lindell was ‘punished’ for speaking out about the 2020 US election,” Smartmatic’s lawyers wrote. “But he does not identify a single act by Smartmatic targeting or related to him, much less an act that prevented him from speaking out.”

Lindell continues to make claims that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump despite there being no evidence.


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