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Catholic nun exposes the hypocrisy of ‘pro-life’ Republicans in one simple quote

A well-known advocate for women’s rights and the author of over 50 books, Sister Joan Chittister has made a name for herself challenging the misogynistic forms of legislation that target women’s reproductive rights.

Snake-handling church member refuses treatment for rattlesnake bite (You know how this ends)

While taking part in an age-old religious tradition, a 60-year-old Kentucky church member died after refusing treatment for a rattlesnake bite he received while handling the creature.

Donald Trump’s lawyer thinks it’s not ‘rape’ if it’s with your wife

Not surprisingly, an accusation from the 90s against Donald Trump has reemerged, this time in the Daily Beast which revisited accusations in a 1993 biography of that claimed the real estate mogul raped his former wife Ivana during an argument in their bedroom. Just

New poll: If the election were held today, Bernie Sanders would crush Donald Trump

A new CNN poll released this Sunday shows that if the election were held today, Bernie Sanders would crush Donald Trump by a margin of 58-38. He would also convincingly beat Scott Walker by a margin of 48-42.

Hero cop uses his own body to break the fall of a suicide jumper

A video has emerged of a man in China jumping off a four-story building in a suicide attempt. The only reason he’s alive is because of a police officer below who used his own body to break the man’s fall.

Veterans have no idea how they ended up in ‘Veterans for Trump’ coalition

Donald Trump received the most universal condemnation of his campaign after his remarks about John McCain’s war hero status, which prompted him to cobble together a coalition called Veterans for Trump just 6 days later. But after members’ names appeared on a press release,

Lindsey Graham just showed Republicans how you answer a Donald Trump question on Fox

Appearing on Fox & Friends this Wednesday, Lindsey Graham addressed the surging popularity of Donald Trump in certain polls, when host Elisabeth Hasselbeck if there was “something to be taken away” in Trump’s “straight talk.”

Bill Cosby asked modeling agency to send him girls who were ‘financially not doing well’

Bill Cosby’s deposition in a 2005 lawsuit revealed that back in the 80s, the comedian made arrangements with a New York modeling agency in to set up dinners in his dressing room with out-of-town models who were “financially not doing well.”

Rachel Maddow schools Santorum on gay marriage: ‘Your civics are fundamentally wrong’

Sitting down Wednesday night with former Senator Rick Santorum, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow peppered him with questions about his views on same sex marriage and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the matter.

Stewart to Obama: ‘If you’re gonna declare martial law and put people in FEMA camps, do it quick’

This Tuesday on The Daily Show, President Obama made what will be his last appearance before he leaves office, and host Jon Stewart devoted the entirety of the show to him.