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Here are 16 examples of stoner wisdom that’ll make you think, kinda

Stoner wisdom can’t be ignored. No matter ridiculous and annoying it may sound, there’s always a kernel of truth buried in there somewhere.

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Cycle Snake is a new elevated skyway designed exclusively for cyclists with the idea of keeping bike traffic moving.

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Trampolines are a blast. They can also be a blast of pain if you get a little too careless while jumping on one. We found a collection of hilarious – and painful – trampoline fails. Seriously, some of these are harsh. (h/t: Funny or

This 5 year-old with autism paints stunning masterpieces that rival any Impressionist painter

Little is known about autism, but the incredible gifts that some with this condition possess is outright astounding. Five-year-old Iris Grace from the UK is an excellent example of someone who possesses these gifts. Her beautiful paintings have many of her fans (and buyers)

These 24 people parked like jerks, but got a swift dose of beautiful karma

People who park like jerks are a scourge on society. That’s why they should be targeted and shamed at every opportunity.