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New study says eating bacon is just as big a cancer risk as smoking

The findings come after scientists from 10 countries conducted a study that compiled years of data.

Ex-girlfriend alleges pharma CEO Martin Shkreli offered her $10K for sexual favors

A woman claiming to be Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli’s ex-girlfriend alleges that he sent her messages on Facebook a few years after they broke up, offering her money for sex. The woman, only identifying herself “Katie,” reached out to Business Insider about the

Jim Bakker warns his audience about their potential baby-eating neighbors

Televangelist Jim Bakker (yes, that Jim Bakker) gave a rather horrifying warning for his studio audience earlier this month.

Ben Carson can’t find evidence for man-made climate change, so Jerry Brown sent him some

After the rise of social media, politicians are finding out how politically effective a successful troll job is, and California’s governor Jerry Brown just showed he knows the craft well. Carson recently did an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle where he repeated the

Never fear walking your dog alone on the woods with the ‘Werewolf Muzzle’

If walking your dog at night makes you nervous, or if your dog is the type that will hump your attacker’s leg rather than protect you, or if you’re one of those weirdos who takes your dog trick-or-treating, you’ll love the werewolf muzzle.

#BlackLivesMatter embraces Seattle activists, deny they demanded an apology to Bernie Sanders

Early this morning, DeadState published a piece that called into question the connection between the #BlackLivesMatter movement and activists Marissa Jenae Johnson and Mara Jacqueline, who stormed the stage at a Seattle Bernie Sanders rally this Saturday.

Viral photo shows Palestinians shielding female Israeli police officer from stone throwers

As Israeli settlers pummeled them with rocks, two Palestinian men came to the aid of a female Israeli police officer and shielded her with their bodies, and the moment was captured in an image that’s going viral.

Mother and daughter get Internet fame after failing to answer ridiculously easy gameshow question

The Internet can be a cruel place, especially if you find yourself on it as an example of how education can fail certain people.

The GOP voted over and over again to use aborted fetal tissue for scientific research

This coming Monday, GOP lawmakers in the Senate are holding a vote to defund Planned Parenthood, all coming on the heels of the activist groups using doctored videos in a viral campaign to frame the non-profit for “profiting” from the harvesting of “baby parts.”

Relax people: Cecil the Lion’s brother Jericho is alive and well

Many other media outlets are all reporting on the death of Jericho, Cecil's the Lion’s brother. But according to Reuters, those reports are not true.