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PHOTOS: This man educates India’s poorest children in a school under a bridge — for free

An Indian man has become known as a hero after he began educating New Delhi’s poorest children, creating a free school for them under a metro bridge. From the Huffington Post: For two hours every weekday, Sharma leaves his day-job at a general store

Check out this amazingly well-preserved fossil of a 100 million year-old fly

Here is probably the most pristinely preserved prehistoric insect you’ve ever seen. Even better, the specimen is preserved in a three-dimensional setting, hovering in a chunk of amber. The amber fossil is of an Assassin Fly, which is an insect that lived over 100

‘Street Fighter II, The Church Edition’ is the funniest video to ever exist on the Internet

If you played video games in the 90s and also have a healthy skepticism of faith healers, this video might be the greatest thing you've ever laid eyes on.

Here are 18 of the most creative product packaging designs you’ve ever seen

It’s no secret that advertisers will do anything to cram their product down our throats. But if they do it creatively and thought-provokingly, it’s not such an assault on our senses, but rather more of an exercise in art-appreciation. (h/t: Bored Panda) Look: 1.

You won’t believe this, but Robert De Niro is making Vine videos now

Robert De Niro isn’t the first person you’d think of when it comes to the Internet sensation of making Vine videos. But apparently he’s made his first one, and it’s actually pretty good.

Here are 33 painfully true facts about life explained in graphs

How many of these graphs can you identify with?

Watch this cop blow a fuse while harassing a citizen who actually knows his rights

Ever wondered what happens when a cop confronts a person who actually knows his/her rights?

Here are 19 reasons why the Easter Bunny is actually your worst nightmare

Easter is almost here, and cuteness in shades of pink and skyblue are everywhere. But we’ve managed to find a creep-factor to the beloved holiday that is seldom seen. Everybody loves the Easter Bunny, but after you see the images below, the Easter Bunny

Here are 21 of Jaden Smith’s dumbest tweets

At best, it’s the musings of a normal teenager who’s let fame go to his head — with a touch of dyslexia. At worst, it’s the passive aggressive ramblings of a juvenile narcissist who detests the English language. But one thing’s for sure; it’s

Watch this guy teach a would-be robber a hard lesson

When Freddie F. Johnson walked into a CVS store in Sarasota, Fla., on Sunday with plans to rob the place, he had no idea that Jaanus Jurisoo was going to make things slightly difficult. According to a report from WFTS-TV, Johnson went to the