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Springbreaker’s ‘come at me, bro’ goes horribly wrong. So horribly, wonderfully wrong

We’ve found a video that embodies everything you hate about springbreakers, while simultaneously showing the perfect comeuppance for a cowardly punk that should strike all cowardly punks wherever there are cowardly punks.

Canadian pens open letter slamming U.S. conservative hatred of Obama: ‘This defies reason’

In November of last year, a Canadian man named Richard Brunt penned an open letter to Americans in the wake of the mid-term elections where Republicans retook the Senate in a pretty epic trouncing of Democrats.

Here are 13 ‘then versus now’ cartoons that completely nail it

The way things were and the way they are now always has a ton of irony. This collection of cartoons nails that irony perfectly.

This never-before-heard Jimi Hendrix song was a secret for 50 years, until now

Before he found fame as the iconic frontman of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix worked with a number of artists as a hired gun - including Curtis Knight and the Squires with whom the song below was recorded.

Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke will have to fork over $7 million for ripping off Marvin Gaye

This Wednesday, a jury in California decided that songwriters Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams completely ripped off Marvin Gaye with their song “Blurred Lines,” and ordered the two to fork over $7.3 million to the Gaye family.

Genius faucet design saves water while creating beautiful spiral patterns

Simin Qiu is a design student at London’s Royal College of Art and conceived a mind blowing "Swirl Faucet" that saves water by transforming it into an intricate and beautiful swirling spiral.

Gigantic trucker sets a wife-beater straight: ‘I will make you my mother f*cking breakfast!’

A video uploaded to Reddit recently appears to show a gigantic dude administering a little ‘advice’ to a another fellow who was allegedly abusing his wife/girlfriend in public.

Here are 17 vintage ads that wouldn’t go over too well in 2015

1. Rush Limbaugh? 2. They get so emotional. 3. Is that Nick Nolte in the middle? 4. But do they cure cancer? 5. Can’t really argue with this. 6. Yes, the 80s are vintage, and you’re old. 7. Hopefully not when you’re about to

Here are 10 cartoonists who have no idea how net neutrality works

Earlier this week, the Tumblr blog posted a bunch of political cartoons about net neutrality, that showed absolutely zero understanding of the plan.

Here’s video of Harrison Ford’s plane going down over a golf course in Los Angeles

In one of the videos, a witness can be heard saying, "Dude, his engine died. He's landing on the course! Oh my God, I hope he's alright."