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Here is a brief history of racism in 30 powerful photos

Here are some powerful photos that everyone should take time out to look at.

Scientists say this is the most soothing piece of music ever recorded. What do you think?

According to scientists, the piece of music you’re about to hear is the most relaxing melody ever recorded.

VIDEO: Watch how amazingly well ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s videos match up with the original ones

One of the big reasons Weird Al deserves all his accolades is the incredible attention to detail in his work. Some of his songs are almost exact copies of the original songs they parody and the videos are no different.

Porcelain dolls resembling young girls placed in front of their families’ homes

Here’s a story that has a creep factor level of 10.

Stalker texts girl while hiding under her bed: ‘I’m watching you’

A stalker broke into a 16-year-old girl's house and texted her "I'm watching you" while he was hiding under her bed.

VIDEO: Motorcyclist finishes giving interview about crashes, drives away and immediately crashes

As he drove off on his motorcycle after the interview concluded, he immediately became another statistic.

John Travolta’s ex-pilot plans to speak out about their secret ‘relationship’

A judge ruled this Tuesday that John Travolta cannot block his former pilot from filing a lawsuit which frees him to talk about their relationship during the 1980’s.

VIDEO: We’ve found the scariest theme park ride in the history of all theme park rides

Here’s a simple and straightforward idea for a theme park ride: just hurl yourself off a platform into a net below.

VIDEO: Watch this man’s brilliant way of getting Jehovah’s Witnesses to leave his doorstep

We’ve all had Jehovah’s Witnesses come to our door. Sometimes, creative ideas are needed in order to avoid standing in the doorway for 20 minutes while being proselytized to.

One page on this Christian children’s book about spiders contains numerous mistakes

It’s one thing when religious fundamentalists teach their beliefs as facts – especially to children. But what about when they completely misconstrue already existing facts, misleading children (and their parents) into believing they’re coming from a reliable and researched source?