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Here are 19 reasons why the Easter Bunny is actually your worst nightmare

Easter is almost here, and cuteness in shades of pink and skyblue are everywhere. But we’ve managed to find a creep-factor to the beloved holiday that is seldom seen. Everybody loves the Easter Bunny, but you see the images below, the Easter Bunny will

Here are 21 of Jaden Smith’s dumbest tweets

At best, it’s the musings of a normal teenager who’s let fame go to his head — with a touch of dyslexia. At worst, it’s the passive aggressive ramblings of a juvenile narcissist who detests the English language. But one thing’s for sure; it’s

Watch this guy teach a would-be robber a hard lesson

When Freddie F. Johnson walked into a CVS store in Sarasota, Fla., on Sunday with plans to rob the place, he had no idea that Jaanus Jurisoo was going to make things slightly difficult. According to a report from WFTS-TV, Johnson went to the

WATCH: This mountain biker’s helmet-cam video will give you a heart-attack

We’ve shown you some cool stuff filmed with a GoPro camera before, but nothing adrenaline-pumping and vertigo-inducing as this.

VIDEO: Watch a train engineer kick this selfie-taking idiot in the head

Jared Michael posted a video to YouTube this Tuesday in which he reportedly tried to take a selfie at a “safe” distance from an oncoming train. Maybe a “safe” distance should be far enough away so that a grumpy train engineer can’t kick you

VIDEO: Watch this 96 year-old poker player humiliate his cocky younger opponent

If you ever decide to get cocky in a poker game, it better not happen if 96 year-old Jack Uri is sitting to your left.

LOOK: Ukrainian photographer captures the magical miniature world of snails

Ukrainian nature photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko’s interest with the miniature natural world around us began early on in his youth. “As a child, my father taught me to hunt mushrooms near my home and we would always come across all manner of bugs and creatures,”

WATCH: This footage of underwater nuclear bomb tests will haunt your dreams

Footage from the atomic tests of the 1950s are some of the most haunting images to ever be recorded. According to the cameramen who filmed the tests, the Wahoo and Umbrella underwater explosions were more visually stunning than the above-ground tests. From Gizmodo: 2.5

Will Smith’s failed private school kept Scientology connections hidden from parents

When Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith opened their privately-funded school in Calabasas California back in 2008, it received quite a bit of media attention. However, the school soon became the subject of controversy when parents complained that they were misled about some of

WATCH: Fox’s Chris Wallace grills GOP congressman on IRS investigation: ‘Where’s the evidence?’

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday this week, Charles Boustany (R-LA) was grilled by host Chris Wallace on the GOP’s ongoing investigation in which it’s alleged that the IRS unfairly targeted conservative Tea Party groups. Wallace noted the failure of the House Oversight