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Here’s more hilarity from that kid who photoshops himself into pictures with celebrities

Patrick Thorendahl seems to have a lot of time on his hands, and that’s okay because we like what he does with that time.

We found the most insanely scary roller coaster in history, and it’s in China

It’s always fascinating to see how roller coasters evolve, and this new monstrosity out of China has left a few us with out jaws on the floor.

Someone’s painting Soviet-era monuments to look like American superheroes, and Putin’s mad

Bulgarian pranksters are repainting Soviet-era monuments, depicting Soviet military heroes as American Superheroes.

Take this test to find out if you belong to the 2% of people with an abnormal mind

This test requires that each question be considered without focusing on what the next question is. Good luck!

Everyone will love these Ice Bucket Challenge fails

As anyone who follows social media knows, there’s a wide array of opinions surrounding the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” But we’re willing to bet that the warring sides can agree on one thing: it’s funny when an ice bucket challenge fails.

The longer you look at these 15 photos, the funnier they get

There’s really no rhyme or reason. They’re just funny.

VIDEO: Motorcyclist escapes death in the most acrobatic way possible

This guy escaped death in the most incredibly acrobatic way possible. Seriously, this looks choreographed.

Here are 19 people who have totally nailed their celebrity doppelgangers

We don’t know who these people are or where they came from, but their transformative celebrity impressions are so dead-on, it’s almost as if they have some sort of DNA connection to their subjects.

This comic strip nails the right wing media’s narrative on Michael Brown perfectly

Matt Bors is a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist and the comics journalism editor for Cartoon Movement. In 2012 he was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and became the first alt-weekly cartoonist to win the Herblock Prize for Excellence in Cartooning.

Guy does dead-on impression of phone notifications, friend falls for it every time

This guy messed with his -obsessed friend by repeatedly imitating his notification sounds – being able to pull off the prank numerous times before being told to f*ck off.