Christian TV host: Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations were ‘triggered’ by CIA mind control program

Far-right Christian TV host Rick Wiles has a *unique* take on politics and current events. He once claimed that former President Obama was orchestrating anti-Trump protests under the influence of Satan. He also thinks now-deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was killed by Obama during some pagan ritual. And of course, there’s the NFL Anthem protests, which Wiles thinks are actually a communist plot orchestrated by Obama.

Now he’s turned his insights toward the Brett Kavanaugh saga. During a broadcast on his TruNews program last week, Wiles posited a theory about Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, saying that she may have offered to voluntarily be brainwashed by the CIA so she’d actually believe her accusations that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a house party back in the 80s.

“Are the leftists now doing this for the cause of the revolution?” he asked. “They are voluntarily submitting to having a mind-control hypnotist implant thoughts in their mind that can be triggered with just a single word and then these people truly believe that whatever has been planted in their mind actually happened. They can take a polygraph, they can be examined, they truly believe it because it was put there through hypnosis, through mind-control techniques.”

Yesterday, Wiles expanded on his theory, saying that a recent anonymous op-ed in a New York Times article may have “triggered” Blasey Ford to come forward. In the op-ed, the use of the word “lodestar” kicked off speculation that Vice President Mike Pence was the op-ed’s author, since he’s been known to use the word. But according to Wiles, “lodestar” may have been the CIA “trigger word” that kicked Blasey Ford’s brainwashed brain into gear.

“With mind-control, you have to have a trigger mechanism,” Wiles said in an audio clip first flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“It’s a word, a phrase, that triggers the hypnotic state so that whatever was planted in the mind of a person through hypnosis is triggered when they heard a trigger word,” he continued. “Maybe ‘lodestar’ is what triggered Dr. Ford and these other women to come forward with these wild, crazy accusations.”

Citing the fact that Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer used the word in a speech about Kavanaugh this Wednesday, Wiles wondered if we’ll see other “mind-controlled subjects” surface with new accusations in the days to come.

“Charles Schumer sticks the word ‘lodestar’ into a speech on the floor of the Senate. So, if we’re right, then in the next day or two, there is going to be a new flurry of accusations, there is going to be something bizarre coming out. Something really bizarre is going to happen.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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